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December 22, 2008

Solstice Morning 2008

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The Chinese reads, “Solstice 2008, Peace under Heaven (for all Creations).”


7:08AM, the red is already mostly gone


December 1, 2008

The mighty OM 180/2.8

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Of the many reasons I chose an Olympus E-3, one of them is the possibility of using some of the more unusual OM lens. The 90/2 macro still is one of best bokeh lens ever. While the 180/2.8 only has an OK but not stellar reputation, it does draw fine images:


Not bad for a manually focused grab shot. The E-3 has in-body stabilization that works even with legacy lens, making the 180 quite handy to use. And with the 2x FOV factor, it’s equivalent to a 360mm FOV lens. I have never been a big bird-shooter mainly because I don’t want to lug around a tripod, but with the E-3, perhaps I can make do with a 300mm ZD zoom…

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