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December 4, 2008

A Synthesis of Two Themes

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The reason that this blog is called “..Calligraphy and Photography” is in fact one of my artisitc goals is to merge these two medium together. Afterall, if the Chinese can have painting with calligraphy, why not (perhaps manipulated) photos with calligraphy.

Here it is then:


The couplet reads (top to bottom, right to left):

The white egret flies to the blue sky

The Autumn wind watches the water flow

The cropping is different from the photograph shown earlier, I feel that the vertical crop is more suitable for calligraphy.

You can order prints:

8×10 Fine Arts Rice Paper $40.00

The Fine Arts Rice Paper I am using is gorgeous. The darkest dark and the whitest white, yet with a sensual traditional “washi”  feel.

Sadly, WordPress does not allow Paypal buy buttons. Please add $7 for S&H and paypal the amount to I can also process the credit card directly if you do not wish to use Paypal. Please contact me.


December 1, 2008

The mighty OM 180/2.8

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Of the many reasons I chose an Olympus E-3, one of them is the possibility of using some of the more unusual OM lens. The 90/2 macro still is one of best bokeh lens ever. While the 180/2.8 only has an OK but not stellar reputation, it does draw fine images:


Not bad for a manually focused grab shot. The E-3 has in-body stabilization that works even with legacy lens, making the 180 quite handy to use. And with the 2x FOV factor, it’s equivalent to a 360mm FOV lens. I have never been a big bird-shooter mainly because I don’t want to lug around a tripod, but with the E-3, perhaps I can make do with a 300mm ZD zoom…

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