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December 21, 2008

Sweeping the Water

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The Japanese generally likes to keep their places nice and neat, even their national parks. Stray leaves are swept away unless they are artfully arranged. Clearly, these people are keeping the riverlet clean (the wooden sign says “Bridge for Cranes to Walk Over,” but may be the Nihongo semantic is different from the Chinese, as I doubt any crane would walk on the bridge per se) but I can’t say I understand how a broom is the best tools for the job.

The Chinese I wrote is simply, “Kanazawa Kenrokuen (garden), Japan.”


Japan: the Land of Stone Lanterns

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In Japan, as with many other places in Asia, religions and spirituality are very much interwined with the People and the Land. In the Japanese countryside, you can’t help but feel that life is different there. The roadside Jizo that protect travelers, the stone lanterns, the Torii gates. It anchors us to the place. Here are two photos of the lanterns, a small lantern and a set of lanterns that dwarfs the human next to them.

Of the Small:

…And Large:

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